Introduction Library is treasury of knowledge library provides information to the library users. Library resources, reference books, text books, dictionaries, encyclopedia are available in library. The Library has more than 16,228 printed books, subscribes 19 journals and magazines, 75 CDS, 658 back volume of journals and magazines.. Library is also a member of INFLIBNET. NLIST under which it has access to more than 2,100 electronic journals. Few electronic databases and more than 51,000 E-books. The library is also a member of E-Remote access which is develop by Library of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University under which it has access more Than 53100 electronic journals and E-Books by all teaching and non teaching staff of college. Special collection:- library has the encyclopedia of science and encyclopedia of Britannica which is most popular reference book in world. Library also established in June 1990.
We provide books and other study material essential for staff and student as well as Ex-student. In this educationally backward area throughout the academic area we issue textbooks, reference books and other study material to the user of the library. Our aim is “Right information provide to the right user at right time”. Our management members, collage principal, advisory committee, staff members, librarian motivate and co-operate for making library update, effective and efficient. Through the funds received by the UGC purchased reference books, journals. Library has separate reading room for staff and student as well as separate computer lab and internet facility for use of E-Books and E- Journals. We are developing Automation of library using the Lib-Man masters software Nagpur. The student issued two book for one week, staff issued 3to4 books at a time for two week and daily requirement of teachers book are issued. Housekeeping activities like cleaning the stack, shelves and reading room processed by library staff. The preservation of books do pest control in every summer vacation of each year.


  • To assist in carrying out the instructional program of the collage.
  • To promote individualized study and instruction.
  • To promote general education.
  • To encourage extracurricular use of the library material.
  • To teach student how to use the books for pleasure.
  • To teach them to love and read books for pleasure.
  • To provide reference service to both student and assist them in their study and research.
  • To encourage student to develop the habit of self-education in order that the book and literature may contribute to their intellectual development in future areas.
  • To serve as latest and diversified information centre.
  • To contribute and to fulfill the educational aim of your collage.
  • To provide right information to the library user.
  • To motivate the student for the competitive examination.
  • To develop inter library loan with other colleges.


  • To create a reading habit of student.
  • Books are for use.
  • Each user got book.
  • Each book got user.
  • To save the time of user or student with giving quick services.


  • Every student entering the Library premises must have valid college identity card. It must be produced as and when demanded for inspection.
  • Silence must be observed in the Library college premises.
  • Mobile is on silent mode in the Library premises.
  • Two books at a time form the Library will be issued to a student.
  • Book must be returned on or before due date.
  • Delaying returning books or cutting out any matter or picture from the books or defecting or tearing the pages will be treated as misconduct, defaulters will be strictly dealt with.
  • While receiving the books, the students must take note whether the book contains all the pages of it are a good condition.
  • A special day is allotted to each class for distribute of books.
  • Books are issued to the students should be returned before commencement of annual examination.
  • All students must obtain “NO DUES “certificate from the library before taking transfer certificate from the college.



Sr. No. Name of Members Designation
1 Dr. Fawde M. G. President
2 Dr. Jadhav S. S. Chairman
3 Dr. Kirdant A..S. Member
4 Dr. Khule P. B. Member
5 Sow. Bobade A .R . Member
6 Mr. Kadam S. K. Member



  • Committee has advisory power and their work for the particular problem finishes with the Advice & Recommendations.
  • To advice for making rules & regulations of Library.
  • Support to improve the collection & services of Library.
  • Advisory committee monitors the regular activities that take place in the Library.
  • To give advice for purchasing Books for Library.


Sr.No. Title Quantity.
01. Total Books. 16,238.
02. Text-books. 10,399.
03. Reference- books. 4,965.
04. Encyclopedia & Dictionaries. 238.
05. Current Journals. 11.
06. Back volume of Journals. 658.
07. CDS/DVDS. 350.
08. Databases. In house Database.
09. Online Journals InFlibnet N-List. 2100 e-Journals.
10. e-books. 51000+.
14. Thesis. 25.
15. Dissertations 12.
16. News papers. 14. Per day.




Sr.No. Name Qualification Designation Date of Appointment
01. Shri. Deshmukh M.D. M.Com;B.Lib. In charge Librarian. June 1990 to 01/08/1998.
02. Smt. Bobade A.R. B.Sc;M.Lib. &
Information Science.
Librarian. 01/08/1998.
03. Shri. Munde B.D. B.A;B.Lib.Science. Library Attendant.  13/07/1993.
04. Shri.Pawar B.G. B.A. Library Attendant. 16/06/2003.
 05. Shri. Deshmukh V.F. B.A. Library Attendant. 01/07/2013.